Serving industries needs

CGB operate across multiple industry sectors such as insulation, petrochemicals, floristry, boat building and furnishings. Diverse in their nature, each industry requires tailored solutions and support and above there is a constant need to solve challenges in the most cost effective manner. At CGB we have a culture of problem solving and we are known amongst leading industry players for our expertise in this area.

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Total component solutions

We are not alone! Operating in a diverse field of specialist machinery manufacturers our machines often work alongside those from Albrecht Bauemer, Fecken-Kirfel and Wintech. Over the years we have gained an enviable reputation for keeping other OEM machines working and today we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and service options for these machines.

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Continuous improvement

Innovation drives our success and our passion for manufacturing helps CGB and its customers keep ahead of their competition. Whether buying complete profile cutting systems, abrasive cutting wires, band-knife blades, tyres or wheels CGB consistently aims to achieve the highest levels of engineering performance.

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